POSXML - File System

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  2. Creating and editing files


The CloudWalk Framework has a file system that can handle files of type WALK dbfile, where you can create and work with files in the following format:


Basically, it would be the format of text files in UNIX environments, where \n represents a newline. The configuration file itself (config.dat) is a WALK dbfile file.

Creating and editing files

The commands editfile, readfile and readfilebyindex can be used to work with this file type, based on keys and values, enabling a fast and efficient way to store static data on the device.

We recommend using the utility EditDBFile to manipulate your WALK dbfile files. Follow this procedure:

  1. Download the utility from http://dl.cloudwalk.io/edit_db_file.zip
  2. Unzip and run the package EditDbFileWalk.exe
  3. Enter the path to the dat file and press the button: Load.
  4. Make the necessary changes and press the button: Save.
  5. Register the file in CloudWalk Manager and your devices can download it with command downloadfile