Command system.inputtransaction

The command system.inputtransaction is an instruction to receive the card data for a contactless transaction.


  1. inputtype [string]
    1 for magstripe, 2 for chip, 3 for contactless, 4 for keyboard, 5 for touch.
  2. keyboard [string]
    1 for keybard enabled and 0 for keyboard disabled.
  3. cardvariable [string]
    It contains the track 2 and/or track 1 only when inputtype equals to 1.
  4. timeout [integer]
    Time to wait before the command cancels the operation (in milliseconds).
  5. keyvariable [string]
    When keyboard is 0, only return after the timeout or if the KEY_CANCEL key is pressed. If keyboard is 1, all keystrokes are returned.
  6. variablereturn [integer]
    Variable that will store the return of the command, where:
    0: when a key is pressed or when the card input happens with success
    -1: if it fails reading the tracks
    -2: timeout
    For EMV chip or contactless
    1: success
    >1: error


In the above example, the variables will store values that were generated by the command system.inputtransaction. The application will wait for user interaction through a card or by pressing any key during the time set on the property timeout.