The command is used to enable communication with an external or the internal pinpad.


  1. type [integer] PIN-Pad type to be enabled:
    • 0: Internal PIN-Pad
    • 1: External PIN-Pad
  2. variableserialnumber [string] Variable that will store the PIN-Pad's serial number that is being enabled.
  3. variablereturn [integer] Return codes:
    • 0: PIN-Pad connected
    • -1: PIN-Pad not connected


In the example above, firstly a connection with the external PIN-Pad was opened, and then the command stored the result of the operation in the variable variablereturn.

The command inttostring is used to convert the variable to stringvariable, which is displayed using the command display, and finally the connection with the PIN-Pad is closed using the command pinpad.close.

The same is applied for the external PIN-Pad, but in this case, the PIN-Pad serial number is stored on the variable sSerialNumber.