Command pinpad.loadipek

Knowledge about DUKPT is required to use this command.

The command pinpad.loadipek is used to store an initial and a ksn key on the internal or extenal PIN-Pad memory, in order to make it possible to perform password encryption using DUKPT.


  1. ipek [string] Initial key in the format hex ascii 16 or 32 characters.
  2. ksn [string] Initial KSN in the format hex ascii 20 characters.
  3. type [integer] Type of algorithm used in the encryption, which can be:
    • 0: DES
    • 1: 3DES
  4. variablereturn [integer] Return of the command, where:
    • 0: OK
    • -1: Error


In the example above, a connection to the internal PIN-Pad is made using the command; after that the keys ipek (initial) EA51888F7CF2EBA6BB80EF0D4267642E and ksn FFFF0123456789A00003 are loaded to the PIN-Pad memory using the command pinpad.loadipek.

The connection with the PIN-Pad is closed using the command pinpad.close, and then value of the variable is converted to stringvariable so it can be displayed through the command display.