Command menuwithheader

The command menuwithheader is used to generate a list of options.


  1. header [string]
    Define the content of the menu header, separated by a bar |. If the content is larger than one line, then the screen will display a plus sign + which indicates the text continues onto the next line.
  2. timeoutheader [integer]
    Time in seconds for the description of the menu header to change.
  3. options [string]
    Menu options separated by a backslash \.
  4. timeout [integer]
    Value that determines the time in seconds to wait for user interaction.
  5. variablereturn [string]
    Variable that will receive the return of the command.


In the example above the file config.dat is changed to set the parameter iskeytimeout to 1, which enables the command menuwithheader to work.

If the file config.dat does not have the parameter iskeytimeout set to 1, there will be no error returned but the command menuwithheader will not work as expected.

If the value of the property timeout (in seconds) expires without user interaction, the command returned -1.