Command iso8583.putfield

The command iso8583.putfield is used to insert a field in the message, in ascending order (mandatorily).


  1. fieldnumber [integer]
    Field number of the message that the value should be inserted. It is possible to use from 2 to 128, according to the bitmap.
  2. type [string]
    Inserted field type (string or integer).
  3. value [string ou integer]
    Field content, formatted according to the specification.
  4. variablereturn [integer]
    Result of the operation, where:
    • 0: field successfully inserted
    • -801: invalid parameter
    • -802: function error
    • -803: buffer overrun
    • -804: invalid field


In the example above, the function initISO8583Message was created in order to start the message, insert the fields (those with values) and finish the message.

For demonstration purposes, only the bits BIT41 and BIT64 are being used. Both bits are going to be added to the ISO8583 message through the command iso8583.putfield.

The value must be formatted and aligned according to the specification (bitmap.dat).

The value should be formatted and aligned according to the specification of the bitmap (bitmap.dat).