Command emv.loadtables

Knowledge about the EMV standard is required to use this command.

The command emv.loadtables is used to load the table settings for each application by EMV acquirer network.

The loading of tables should be done in the device initialization. To load a table, a file should be sent to the device, with a standard name plus the number of the acquirer network.


  1. acquirer [integer]
    Acquirer network identification number.
  2. variablereturn [integer]
    Variable that will store the return code, where:
    • 0: OK
    • 10: Error while starting the tables
    • 15: Library EMV not initiated
    • 16: Internal error
    • 21: Error while trying to store records
    • 30: Communication error, PIN-Pad serial port is probably busy


In the example above, the command is initialize to start the EMV library, and then the command if is used to evaluate the result of the operation.

The command emv.loadtables is used to load the tables, and since the command return is a integervariable, the command inttostring is used to convert and display the variable using the command display.


It is necessary to initialize the library EMV and load the tables only if the device is turned on or restarted, otherwise it is not necessary to use this command every time an EMV transaction starts.