Command emv.finishtransaction

Knowledge about the EMV standard is required to use this command.

The command emv.finishtransaction finishes chip processing if emv.processtransaction has requested online approval or if the transaction has already been approved offline.

A transaction denied in emv.processtransaction does not require a call to this instruction.


  1. variablereturn [integer]
    Variable that will store the return code, where:
    • 0: OK
    • 11: Invalid parameter passed on emv.adddata
    • 12: Timeout
    • 13: Insert, card swipe or choose application operation canceled by the user
    • 15: Library EMV not initiated
    • 16: Internal error
    • 20: Device timestamp does not match with the parameters timestamp passed through emv.adddata
    • 40: Execution error
    • 41: Error while reading the card
    • 43: Card removed in the middle of the operation


In the example above, the command emv.adddata is used to pass parameters to the EMV Kernel.

After that, the command emv.finishtransaction is executed to finish the chip processing. As the command return is an integervariable, the command inttostring is used to convert the variable that will be displayed using the command display.