Command downloadfile

The command downloadfile is used to download a file.


  1. filename [string]
    File name with extension.
  2. remotepath [string]
    File name with extension.
  3. variablereturn [integer]
    Variable that will store the return code.
    • 2: The file has the CRC of a file on the server
    • 1: Download performed successfully
    • 0: Error encode base 64
    • -1: File not found or error on encode
    • -2: Connection error in buffer send
    • -4: Error when receiving Walk Server package
    • -5: Error connecting to Walk Server
    • -6: Error message transfer
    • -7: Error sending confirmation of completed download
    • -8: Number unauthorized


In the example above, the file wallpaper_walkpb.bmp will be downloaded by the command downloadfile, displaying the response 1 (Download performed successfully) on the display.

As the return of the command downloadfile is an integervariable, it must be converted to stringvariable to be displayed on the display with the command inttostring.