CloudWalk Manager - Push notifications

  1. Functionality
  2. Interface presentation


Push notifications are used to interact with POS terminals. Notifications are instantly delivered, and if the POS terminal is out of reach, the notification remains on a queue for up to 7 days before being removed.

Currently, there are two types of notifications: Instant display and Processing.

Instant display

The notification is simply displayed on the POS terminal screen.

Practical use cases:

  • Welcome the POS operator;
  • Notify the POS operator that there is a scheduled update;
  • Request the POS operator to get in touch with the customer support.


The notification will not be displayed on the POS screen. Instead, the notification will be stored on the POS file system, on the file cw_notifications.dat under the key processing_message, so that your application can dynamically process it.

Interface presentation

Push notification

To send a push notification, follow this procedure:

  1. Select the menu option Push notifications on CloudWalk Manager.
  2. Enter the message (ASCII characters only).
  3. Select Group and click on the group that will receive the notification.
  4. Select Scope and click on Specific logical number or All logical numbers. For Specific logical numbers a new entry field will open below where you can enter a comma separated list of logical numbers.
  5. Select Type and click to choose Instant display or Processing.
  6. Optional: If the type "Processing" was selected, select Application and click on the application responsible for handling the notification.