CloudWalk Manager - Logical numbers

  1. Functionality
  2. Interface presentation
  3. Parameters


The Logical Number is the ID of the device, and is directly associated with a Group. The logical number is referenced in two distinct stages, which are:

  1. Interface of Logical Numbers: where logical numbers are registered and associated in groups.
  2. Device: Accessing the setup menu of the POS, on the option Logical Number

Do not confuse Logical Number with Serial Number. The logical number is used to identify the device while the serial number is used to grant access to the device on the CloudWalk network.

Interface presentation

New Logical Number

To register a logical number, just follow this procedure:

  1. Click the menu Logical Numbers.
  2. Click the New logical number button.
  3. Fill in the form:
    • Logical number is the ID of the device


You can add parameters to a logical number. For example, the logical number 100022 is used on the device on the restaurant 'Chop Suey' of Mr. Li Hanzo. This logical number then has a parameter called NUM_PARCELS, with the value 1.

The logic of the sales application makes a validation on the parameter NUM_PARCELS, and since the value is 1, the application offers only the payment option 'on cash'.

The restaurant of Mr. Li, presenting excellent results, drew the attention of the strategic team of restaurants 'Chop Suey', and they decided to offer the possibility to Mr. Li to accept payment in installments. For this change, it is enough that someone from the strategic staff alters the parameter NUM_PARCELS value from 1 to 3. Ready!