CloudWalk Framework

  1. Overview
  2. Approved devices
  3. Contactless


The CloudWalk Framework, installed directly on the device, is a virtual machine that has the ability to interpret the commands of the POSXML language.

Approved devices

The component CloudWalk Framework, which is installed on devices, differs between various lines of equipment, since each device has its own specifications. If the equipment you want to use does not appear on the list below, contact us, because we may consider approving it.

Currently, the following devices are approved by the CloudWalk Framework:

PAX Prolin Gertec Verifone Evo Ingenico Telium 2
D200 MP20 VX 520 ICT220
S920 GPOS400 VX 680 ICT250
VX 685 IWL250
VX 690 IWL280


CloudWalk also offers the possibility to use contactless technology on all devices with built-in native contactless, and also works through the pinpad 1000 SE CTLS (Verifone).