CloudWalk Ruby Runtime

  1. Overview
  2. Command Line Interface
  3. Ruby Framework API
  4. MRuby


CloudWalk provides a entire new runtime in Ruby and command line interface tool that allows Ruby and POSXML applications to be manipulated in an easy way. It allows new applications to be set in minutes, and it empowers the developer to make lightning fast changes and deploy them directly into POS terminals from the command line interface.

Command Line Interface

A command line interface (CLI) is a character user interface that was initially the only way to access computers (before graphical user interfaces were invented), but has prevailed since then as the favorite tool for many developers to interact with computers.

Every operative system still provides this environment. In Windows it's possible to access it through the cmd terminal (CTRL+R and enter cmd). In Mac OS it's accessible commonly through the Terminal (or iTerm) and in GNU/Linux it's usually called Terminal or Xterm. These boxes contain plenty of commands to interact with the operative system, many of them are very easy to use, simply using the command name and other words after it, separated by spaces, can trigger very powerful effects on the computer.

We introduce our CLI tool to help you take control over your apps with as little effort as possible; it's called cloudwalk, and it allows you (between other things) to compile, emulate and deploy your applications directly from the CLI.

Ruby Framework API

The CloudWalk Framework in Ruby was built to facilitate your development experience and is being initially released to work on the PAX platform, and additional platforms such as Verifone and Ingenico will be supported soon.

To let you build amazing Ruby applications, we have made an API client available within Ruby, that gives you all the methods you will need to start developing, making it easy to interact with the POS terminal's screen, printer, keyboard, network and to process different types of payments without the overhead of starting from scratch or using a low level language. This tool is called DaFunk and it's open source.


Ruby is a modern object-oriented language that has many beautiful properties and a huge community to explore and to support new ideas, such as those you might come up to. Ruby is too heavy of a language to work in a POS terminal by itself, therefore we use MRuby, a small version of Ruby intended to work on embedded systems. Your applications will be built into MRuby programs that you'll be able to excecute using MRuby tools as well as in our frameworks.