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Authorizer is the component responsible for the verification and validation of the information provided by POS terminals. The information that travels over the CloudWalk network follows the following flow:

  1. The Device captures the data and sends it to the CloudWalk Service.
  2. The CloudWalk Service receives the data and forwards it to the Authorizer.
  3. The Authorizer validates the data and sends a response to the CloudWalk Service.
  4. Finally, the CloudWalk Service forwards the response to the Device.

More information

The CloudWalk service is extremely flexible when it comes to the communication between POS terminals and the authorizer. Financial applications commonly use the communication protocol ISO 8583, but other patterns and standards can be used.

The transaction validation is an important step because it allows an Issuer to check if the payment mode used is authentic and that the data (value, transaction date, etc.) received by the authorizer is the same data used by the payment method when the transaction was created.

In addition to validating the data generated by the payment method, the authorizer is also able to sign the response message (e.g. "transaction authorized") before sending it to the POS terminal, so the authorizer can authenticate the POS and the POS can also authenticate the Issuer, assuring more safety on the process.

The CloudWalk service offers all the tools needed to develop applications for the main POS terminals in the market, but does not develop or provide authorization servers.

The authorizer's development and maintenance is the customer's responsibility.