Here you will discover how to get started with CloudWalk, learning the basics of the Manager and the IDE.

Getting started

It's super easy to get started with CloudWalk! Follow the steps below and you should have a simple POS application running on POS terminal, communicating with our sample endpoint.

1. Create a free account

First, you will need to create a free CloudWalk account, which will let you use all the components of the platform:


2. Create your first app

Now that you have created your free CloudWalk account, you should be able to create your very first application:


Let's keep it simple and create an application that will just send a string to our test server and then return an echo.

Application type Standard app

            Name helloworld
     Description A simple echo application
          Format HTTP
           Label HELLO WORLD
        Endpoint http://http-echo.cloudwalk.io

3. Add the source code

Now that you have created your POSXML application, click on the button Edit source code, which will bring up the CloudWalk online IDE, where you can copy and paste the following POSXML code:

4. Deploy the application

Click the Deploy button in order to deploy the application.

The next step is the POS setup, which should enable it to download the application: