Host integration - Simple HTTP

  1. Understanding the communication
  2. Example of use
  3. Configuring the device
  4. Compiling the application
  5. Configuring the CloudWalk Manager
  6. Testing the communication

Understanding the communication

One way to establish communication between the CloudWalk service and a host authorizer is through HTTP. The diagram below represents communication between the mobile device, the CloudWalk service and the host authorizer:


  1. The device executes the command network.send;
  2. The CloudWalk transactional switch receives the content and forwards it to the end point (URL or IP and Port) configured for that application on the CloudWalk manager;
  3. The response of the socket is returned to the transactional switch;
  4. The device executes the command network.receive and receives the response.

Attention: After performing a network.send and network.receive, you must perform a network.hostdisconnect so you can make a new call (send).

Example of use

For testing purposes, we provide a host authorizer that is really simple and ready to use.


  1. Account at CloudWalk Manager: Create it for free at
  2. CloudWalk Framework: Device properly installed and configured
  3. Internet access: It is necessary that the device has internet access (Ethernet, Dial-up or GPRS)

Configuring the device

This guide assumes that your device already has the WALK Framework properly installed and configured, and that the device serial number is already registered on WALK Manager.

If you are unsure of the steps above, please refer to CloudWalk Framework - Device configuration

Compiling the application

  1. Login to your WALK Manager account
  2. Select Apps from the left menu bar
  3. Click the button New application
  4. Enter a name for your application in the Name field under Application details, for example: httpapp
  5. Fill in the application description in the Description field, for example Test with HTTP
  6. Fill HTTP in the Label field to be displayed on the POS application list
  7. Fill in the Endpoint field with the URL
  8. Click the button: Register application
  9. A message indicating that the application was successfully registered should be be shown
  10. Copy the POSXML source code below. Click Edit source code and paste the copied code into the editor. Click on Deploy, the fourth icon from the bottom on the left.

Configuring the CloudWalk Manager

The last step is to configure the CloudWalk Manager. Follows the procedure:

Register a group

  1. Select Groups from the left menu bar
  2. Click on the button New Group
  3. Fill in the group name, for example: GROUP TEST
  4. Click on the button Register group
  5. Next click on the button Update group
  6. Select the application previously registered by clicking the checkbox next to it from the list of application names
  7. Click on the button Update group applications

Register logical number

Every device must have a logical number, which is the device identification on CloudWalk. To configure the logical number, follow these steps:

  1. Select the option: Logical Numbers from the left menu bar
  2. Click on the button New logical number
  3. Fill in a logical number, for example 0001
  4. Select the previously registered group (GROUP TEST) and click on the button Register logical number

Associate the logical number

The next step is to associate the device with the newly created logical number.
Press F1 (Verifone) or F (Ingenico) and enter the default password (55555). The following screen will appear:



Select option 1 CLOUDWALK and this will open the following menu:



Select option 1 LOGICAL NUMBERS and insert the logical number registered in the previous step:


: 0001

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Testing the communication

With the device properly prepared; application compiled and everything correctly configured in CloudWalk Manager, it's time to test the communication between all the components involved: device, CloudWalk and host authorizer.

1. Download the application

Press the green button and the downloading process will start:


At the end of the process, the following message appears:



2. Application execution

After downloading the application and pressing the green button, the application will be executed.

HTTP Post test
Connecting ...
HTTP Post test
HTTP Post test

Posting ...
HTTP Post test

Posting ...

Post response:
CLOUDWALK 0123456789

Upon failure

Be sure to carefully review each of the steps above and check the device communication setup, cables and internet connection..

HTTP Post test
Connection failed!

Testing your request

Several tools and services can help you test the return of the requests. An example is, which offers a very simple interface, as can be seen below: