Host integration - REST HTTP

  1. Introduction
  2. Examples of HTTP verbs and paths
  3. Example of POSXML application


There is a way to integrate CloudWalk POSXML applications with REST APIs. It can be done by using the command network.send with a string in the following format:

POST / buf=0123456789&anotherVariable=ABCDEF

The CloudWalk Switch will receive the request sent through the command network.send and will perform the HTTP request on the url defined on the application configured on

To receive the answer from CloudWalk Switch, it is necessary to use the command network.receive to receive the first 4 bytes that indicates the size of the message, and then receive the rest of the message with a second network.receive call. This approach avoid timeouts and long wait times to receive the response from your HTTP endpoint.

Examples of HTTP verbs and paths

POST / buf=0123456789&anotherVariable=ABCDEF
POST /index.php foo=1&bar=2
GET /list.asp id=123
DELETE /products/28

Example of POSXML application

The following example can be used to test this kind of HTTP integration: