CloudWalk IDE

  1. Introduction
  2. Real time colaboration
  3. Compilation console


The Cloudwalk service provides a simple, fast and intuitive development environment accessible to anyone using a web browser, it provides the innovative use of real-time collaboration, by which multiple developers can work on the same application simultaneously.

Meet the CloudWalk IDE interface:

CloudWalk IDE

Real time colaboration

In CloudWalk, we're always working on increasing developers' productivity, therefore we have incorporated real-time collaboration in our IDE (development environment). To start with it, simply copy the complete URL of the project once open in the CloudWalk IDE and share it with the developers that are going to work together.

Compilation console

Important information is displayed in the compilation console, such as the return of the compilation proccess: "Compilation Succeeded!" and additional application details, as follow:

  • base64: Compiled source code
  • size: Application size
  • integers: Number of declared integer variables
  • strings: Number of declared string variables
  • maxvars: Maximum amount of variable declarations allowed
  • functions: Number of declared functions
  • maxfuncs: Maximum amount of function declarations allowed