Errors list.

Below are the most common errors encountered by CloudWalk platform users and their possible solutions.

Code Description Possible solutions
-103 GPRS connection error. This error is common in GPRS connections as it was not possible to raise the communication layer and perform the transaction or download. - Check the battery level of the POS terminal (if it uses one). If the battery level is too low, connect the device to the charger and wait for it to charge at least 20% and try again;
- Check if the GPRS signal is too low;
- If you have finished adding or exchanging the GPRS chip, restart the POS and try again;
- Make sure the GPRS chip is enabled, compatible and operating normally.
-104 Could not connect to CloudWalk. Checks for GPRS communication type:

- If you are using private APN, check with the telecommunication company that provided the GPRS chip, if the chip has been configured to connect with the CloudWalk switch.

Checks for the Ethernet or WiFi communication type:

- Check the network settings if you are setting an IP manually, such as: gateway, primary and secondary DNS and subnet mask;
-Check if the network uses any proxy, if so, it probably will not work, because the framework does not have proxy support;
- Verify if the firewall is blocking the connection;
- If you are using DHCP, verify if the network is ready for this type of configuration;
- Restart the POS after performing the first configuration and verify if the POS terminal is able to raise the communication layer.
-108 Connection error on local area network (Ethernet). Check if the network cable is connected correctly or if it is damaged. If the cable is connected to the device or your POS terminal correctly, we recommend you replace the cable or try another network point.
-125 WiFi connection error. - Check if the terminal has wi fi support;
- Verify if the WiFi network password has been entered correctly;
- If the battery level is too low, connect the device to the charger and wait for it to charge at least 20% and try again.
-127 GPRS connection error (Invalid SIM Card). Make sure the GPRS chip is in the correct slot (usually the device has a drawing for the position that the chip should be inserted next to the slot where it should be inserted and sometimes also written: SIM or SIM Card). Also check that the POS terminal supports the GPRS chip you are trying to use.
-128 The POS terminal on the CloudWalk platform could not be identified. - Verify if the device's serial number has been successfully registered in your CloudWalk Manager account;
- If you are using a Verifone POS terminal and the serial is for example: 523-422-988, register exactly as it appears on the device screen, with all the dashes, numbers, and characters that make up the serial number;
- If you are using a POS terminal from Ingenico, for example: 0000115030462365, register exactly as it is displayed on the device screen and not on the standard shown on the equipment label;
- Check if the logical number used in this terminal is associated with a group.
-129 Error connecting to the CloudWalk servers. The POS terminal security authentication could not be performed on the CloudWalk platform. In this case, we recommend that you try again, if the problem persists for more than two attempts, check on your CloudWalk Manager account if the timezone setting is correct at: My Account -> Settings and select the correct configuration, eg: (GMT-08:00) (US & Canada).
-130 Error referring to logical number already in use Check if the logical number you are using for activation is already associated with another serial, if this is the case, register a new logic or dissociate the logic of the terminal it is linked to.