CloudWalk Framework - PAX D200 (Linux)

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Preparing the device
  3. Loading the framework on the device
  4. CloudWalk Framework - First launch

Guide for Windows users: PAX D200 Windows

This guide will walk you through the process of installing the CloudWalk Framework on the terminal PAX D200. Be aware of the prerequisites and follow the installation process carefully.


  1. Operating System: Ubuntu/Debian
  2. Cable: 5 pin USB
  3. XCB: Available at
  4. CloudWalk Framework package: Select your device brand, model and signature (if applicable):

Selected package:


Modelos suportados: Vx 510, Vx 610 e Vx 670

  1. Unpack the CloudWalk Framework from the download directory
  2. This directory must be a local directory (eg ~/temp/), and not a network directory (\\).
  3. Before running (double click) anything, you must prepare the device to download the package. The first thing that should be checked is whether the charge cable is properly connected to the serial port of your computer and the USB port of the device
  4. Enter the device's main menu. To achieve this, turn on the device, repeatedly press the number 2 key and the device will proceed to the following screen:

1. System Config
2. Module Test
3. Terminal Info
4. PED

Loading the framework on the device

  1. Before issuing XCB commands, it is helpful to know what emulator/device instances are connected to the XCB server. You can generate a list of attached emulators/devices using the devices command:

  2. Use the serial mode to connect the emulator or device

  3. Install the application package:

CloudWalk Framework - First launch

Now that the CloudWalk Framework has already been installed on the device, the next step is to perform the first launch configuration.