CloudWalk Framework - PAX (Windows)

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Preparing the device
  3. Installing the Driver
  4. Loading the framework on the device
  5. CloudWalk Framework - First launch

Guide for Linux users: PAX Linux

This guide will walk you through the process of installing the CloudWalk Framework on the terminal PAX D200. Be aware of the prerequisites and follow the installation process carefully.


  1. Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or higher (Vista, 7, etc.)
  2. Cable: 5 pin USB
  3. TermAssist: Available at
  4. CloudWalk Framework package: Select your device brand, model and signature (if applicable):

Selected package:


Modelos suportados: Vx 510, Vx 610 e Vx 670

Preparing the device

  1. Unpack the CloudWalk Framework from the download directory
  2. This directory must be a local directory (eg C:\temp\dir), and not a network directory (\\)
  3. Before running (double click) anything, you must prepare the device to download the package. The first thing that should be checked is whether the charge cable is properly connected to the serial port of your computer and the USB port of the device
  4. Enter the device's main menu. To achieve this, turn on the device, repeatedly press the number 2 key and the device will proceed to the following screen:

1. System Config
2. Module Test
3. Terminal Info
4. PED

Installing the Driver

  1. For the device to be recognized when connected to a computer, its necessary installing PAX driver.
  2. Extract the file posvcom_2.5.0.0.rar that comes inside the driver folder.
PAX D200

After connecting the device to the computer, access the device manager:

  1. Right-click on My Computer and select Manage
PAX D200
  1. In the left menu select theDevice Manager option.
PAX D200
  1. Find the device (usually s920 or d200). While the driver is not installed, the device is found in the unknown devices section.
PAX D200
  1. Right click over the device and select the option Update Driver Software...
  2. Choose the option to search for the driver on your computer. Go to the place where the framework package was unzipped, access the driver folder,then select the folder posvcom_2.5.0.0, generated after extracting the driver. Press OK and proceed with the setup.
PAX D200 PAX D200 PAX D200
  1. When the installation ends the device should be out of the unknown devices section. Then we can proceed with the framework load
PAX D200

Loading the framework on the device

Before we load a new framework in the POS, we should check if exists an old version and remove it.

  1. Open the TermAssist. In the Home tab, press the Play to connect the device. In case the POS have a previously framework installed, the application should be listed as MAINAPP.
  2. Click the thrash icon on the right side of the listed item and wait for his removal
PAX D200

Now it's safe to make a new framework install. Folow these steps

  1. To start the loading process, open the TermAssist
  2. With the device connected to the computer, select Setting and then select the option Serial Port in the Connection Mode field.
  3. Next on the field Serial Port Setting click on the refresh icon and you will see which port your device is using
  4. After that, click on the Play button, to connect to the device
PAX D200
  1. Now go to the Installer option, click on Select Installation Files and select the framework file, as shown below:
PAX D200
  1. To proceed with the loading process click on the download button, according to the image below:
PAX D200

CloudWalk Framework - First launch

Now that the CloudWalk Framework has already been installed on the device, the next step is to perform the first launch configuration.