CloudWalk Framework - Gertec

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Preparing the device
  3. Loading the framework on the device
  4. CloudWalk Framework - First launch

This guide will walk you through the process of installing the CloudWalk Framework on Gertec terminals . Be aware of the prerequisites and follow the installation process carefully.


  1. Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or higher (Vista, 7, etc.)
  2. Cable: 5 pin USB
  3. Driver Gertec: for Windows, available in the framework package.
  4. CAPLoader_Tool: available in the framework package.
  5. CloudWalk Framework package: Select your device brand, model and signature (if applicable):

Selected package:


Modelos suportados: Vx 510, Vx 610 e Vx 670

Preparing the device

  1. Unpack the CloudWalk Framework from the download directory
  2. Put the terminal in download mode, turn on the device and the following screen will be displayed:
  3.     Program Manager
  4. Follow the steps below:
    - Press 0
    - Select option 1. Download AP
    - Select RS232 or USB
  5. The terminal is now on download mode.
  6.       Updating
    Waiting file...

Loading the framework on the device

  1. Execute Gertec_PIN_pad_Driver_Installer.exe to install the driver for Gertec devices.
  2. Execute CAPLoader_Tool.exe
  3. Select the serial port that was assigned to the Gertec POS
  4. Select the file update_all.mmci on the button [...]
  5. Click on send

CloudWalk Framework - First launch

Now that the CloudWalk Framework has already been installed on the device, the next step is to perform the first launch configuration.