CloudWalk Framework - Gertec

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Preparing the device
  3. Loading the framework on the device
  4. CloudWalk Framework - First launch

This guide will walk you through the process of installing the CloudWalk Framework on Gertec terminals . Be aware of the prerequisites and follow the installation process carefully.


  1. Cable: USB OTG Y (with power supply) to micro USB
  2. USB memory stick: A USB pendrive.
  3. CloudWalk Framework package: Select your device brand, model and signature (if applicable):

Selected package:


Modelos suportados: Vx 510, Vx 610 e Vx 670

Preparing the device

  1. Format Pen Drive to fat32
  2. Create directory "IODA" in root of Pen Drive
  3. Copy downloaded file (.G7Z) to Pen Drive inside of directory "IODA"
  4. Create an empty file, called "ioda.txt", inside of directory "IODA"
  5. Connect power supply and cable and Pen Drive to terminal

Loading the framework on the device

  1. When terminal is on the idle screen “Cloud Walk”, then press the quickly the follow keys sequence:
  2. “up”, “dot”, “up”, “dot”, 4632
  3. The terminal will load menu screen, then select Download and confirm
  4. Select Flash Drive/USB
  5. Select “Search File”
  6. In sequence, the terminal will start the operation “copiando arquivo”, the termianl will take no more than 2 minutes
  7. Successfully Operation

CloudWalk Framework - First launch

Now that the CloudWalk Framework has already been installed on the device, the next step is to perform the first launch configuration.