CloudWalk Ruby Runtime - CLI Set Up

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Installing
  3. Available commands

This guide will walk you through the process of installing the CloudWalk CLI on Windows, Linux and Mac OS environments. Be aware of the prerequisites and follow the installation process carefully.


For Windows users:

  1. Ruby Installer - more information at:

For Linux and Mac OS users:

  1. Ruby - more information at:


For any platform user:

Assuming that you have already installed Ruby, simply execute gem install cloudwalk in the current platform terminal.

Once installed, you can use cloudwalk from your command line interface. In case you do not have a CloudWalk account, you can create one as follows:

$ cloudwalk sign-up
You're about to create a new cloudwalk account.
Please answer the following questions...
Your name (optional): Mr Tester
Your email: [email protected]
Your password:

Please check confirmation e-mail before execute cloudwalk login

Confirm your account through your e-mail so you can login with:

$ cloudwalk login
Enter your email: [email protected]
Enter your password:
Logged with success!

Available commands

After accessing your account, you should be able to run more commands, such as:

cloudwalk sign-up Perform user registration by CloudWalk API.
cloudwalk login Perform user authentication by CloudWalk API.
cloudwalk logout Log out of your account.
cloudwalk new Create a POSXML (-xml) or Ruby application.
cloudwalk app Manage your applications e.g. create, list, edit and delete.

The full list of commands is available if you run cloudwalk without any other additional command.